Prescription Renewals

Your Medications are very important for your health maintenance. For this reason, new Medications will be filled at office visits to discuss what they are for, what you can expect and what side effects to look out for. During your Visit with the Provider, you will be prescribed new medications or changed medications, in the quantities necessary till your next recommended office visit. Please make it clear to your prescribing physician if you would prefer Branded or Generic, as well as the duration of the prescription, whether 30 days or 90 days per fill.

Refill usually are managed by pharmacies and our staff. The exception would be, if you have not been seen for a while (typically over 6 months) by any of our provider. If refills are necessary prior to your visit, please have the name, dosage and pharmacy information ready prior to contacting our office.

Controlled substances will never be filled by phone or fax. Losing your medication or prescription is not our responsibility, and in the case that we choose to issue a new prescription in exceptional cases, we have no way of guaranteeing it will be covered by your insurance. After hours requests for refills including controlled substance medications will be deferred until the next business day.

For your convenience, our office is able to electronically send prescriptions to your pharmacy. Any phone requests for prescription refills will be processed within 24-48 hours. If your prescription requires prior authorization, please allow at least 2 business days, since a response from your insurance does not depend on us.

Please remember to call us at least 1 week before your prescription runs out and plan ahead to make sure that you have sufficient quantity to last over weekends and holidays. We also recommend that you call your pharmacy before picking up your prescription to ensure that it’s ready. Your cooperation with this procedure allows us to provide you with quality clinical care and better service.

Also, visit our patient portal...It’s a secure convenient way to manage your personal health care and communicate with our office online.